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  • 212019.12
    Notification about ACU portal service( closing
  • Dear All members of ACU Project,

    Greetings from ACUS, Republic of Korea.

    ACUS would like to inform you, the ACU portal service( will be terminated by March, 2020, because of the end of 2nd phase ACU Project

    According to closing ACU portal service, ACUS will prepare “Administrator page” for searching members and learning history with VPN.

    So CLMV member universities’ administrators can access course operation history anytime after closing ACU portal service.

    When we complete making administrator page, we will give you the manual for using this page(March, 2020).

    You can use ACU Portal service( by March, 2020, but all of official support for member universities including financial support, will be finished by December. 2019.

    If you want to operate e-Learning courses after closing ACU portal, we strongly recommend you use ACU-OER LMS(

    ACUS will operate ACU-OER services constantly, and we can provide technical support you operating course using ACU-OER LMS.

    The new e-Learning content developed in 2019, is uploaded on the ACU-OER, and these contents will not be uploaded on ACU portal.

    We appreciate your supporting and participation in  ACU project.

    If you have any opinions for better service of ACU-OER please let us know, we will try to reflect users’ opinions.


    Sooyeon KIM