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Notification of the 2016 ACU e-Learning Conference and 2nd Working Group Meeting(0) Reply0
acus(acukeris) 2016.09.27 02:00

Dear all ACU Project members,

Greetings from ACUS, Korea
s my great pleasure to inform you that the 2016 ACU e-Learning Conference and 2016 2nd Working Group Meeting, were successfully held in Seoul, Korea.
We, ACUS would like to extend our special gratitude to Working Group Members and other all participants.

During both of the events on 21-22 September, we had valuable speeches, and it might be a productive opportunity for us to enhance our OER capacity.
For distinguished speaker’s presentation files of ACU Track on 21 September,
Working Group Members are able to check and download at the Conference homepage ( with your e-mail address(password 1111). 

(It will be shared from next week)

Especially for 2nd Working Group Meeting, it was very meaningful time to share ideas with each other and discuss up-to-date issues.
There were impressive presentations regarding ACU-OER of each member university and Dr. Vorasuang.
I attached those presentation files as below, so please kindly refer to it.

Thank you so much for your time and I look forward to meeting you again.

Woonjeong(Melannie) YANG


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