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[Notice] Sharing Presentation Materials of 2019 ASEAN-Korea Academic Conference(0) Reply0
Warm greetings from the ACUS.

Thanks to all of your support, the 2019 ASEAN-Korea Academic Conference came to an end, successfully.

I am writing this notice to share presentation materials of this academic conference.
In the case of video clips, we are now editing it to post it on ACU-OER web page, so that people who couldn't participate in the event also can take the lecture/speech.
It might take one week to edit, therefore, please wait and keep your eyes on ACU-OER web page.

Here I attached two types of presentation materials, one is the booklet version and the other one is compressed version.
Due to the fact that many of speakers sligthly changed their materials after publishing the booklet,
you can see the final version of presentation materials by compressed version.

If there is any question regarding to the presenation, please contact to ACU secretariat,

For the pictures of the conferece, we are going to upload them at google drive so that many people can share and save the pictures.
When the ACUS is ready, we are going to post it this notice board again.

Thank you for participating this conference and looking forward to meeting you again with the better events.
Hyojae CHOI

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