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[NOTICE] ACU-OER Pilot Class Recruiting(~14, JUN)(0) Reply0
keris_admin(kerisadmin) 2019.05.27 02:15
Dear All members of ACU Project,

Greetings from ACUS, ROK!

We are glad to inform you that ACUS recruits participating universities for ACU-OER Pilot Class.
This event, ACU-OER Pilot Class using ACU-OER LMS developed based on open edX.
Professors can operate their own online class with contents developed with cooperative univ. or ROK or any ohter contents what professor wants.

Below is a breif introduction of this event.

▶ Purpose : For making model case of ACU-OER LMS operation, ACUS recruits participating universites for ACU-OER Pilot Class.
▶ Qualifications : Professors from CLMVT member universities of ACU Project
                          ※ More than two professors from one university can apply for this event.
▶ How to Apply : Submit the application form to ACUS email (
▶ Submission period : 14 June, 2019
▶ Support for Participants : 1) Online User Guide, 2) Grant for Operation

You can check the details in the attached files.

If you want to look around ACU-OER LMS, go to the ACU-OER main page(, scroll down and click the 3 courses titled "Recommended Courses".

We truly recommend the participation of the Members of ACU project.

If you have any questions regarding this recruiting, please contact us.

 ☎ contact
  - Ms. Sooyeon KIM
  - Ms. Jihye LEE

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,
Sooyeon KIM

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