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Sharing materials of 2018 ACU e-Learning Conference and 2nd Working Group Meeting(0) Reply0
acus(acukeris) 2018.09.21 07:13
Dear all ACU Project members,
Greetings from ACUS, Korea!
It’s my great pleasure to inform you that 2018 ACU e-Learning Conference, 2018 1st ASEAN Advisory Committee for ACU Project(AACA) and 2nd Working Group Meeting were successfully held in Korea last week.

Thanks to active participation of attendees, we could get fruitful outcomes during the events.
I would like to share the presentation files and photos.
I attached a compressed file name of “2018 Conference & 2nd WGM”.
There are presentation files of the Working Group Meeting (13 September) and Conference (14 September).
Please find and refer to it.
And if there are any files to be replaced or to be non-shared, please let me know. (
For the photos of the memorable times, Dr. Vorasuang Duangchinda (SPU) kindly opened Google Drive for us and I uploaded all photos on it.
So, please visit the url below.
Plus, you may find the recorded presentations for both events at the ACU-OER ( within next month.
We look forward to seeing you at the next meeting and events.
Thank you so much.
Hyojae (Connie) CHOI
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