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Sharing materials of 2018 ACU e-Learning Expert Training (0) Reply0
acus(acukeris) 2018.05.24 07:35
Dear. All participants of the 2018 ACU e-Learning Expert Training

We, ACUS are very appreciated to hear that all of you have arrived safely in your country.   
Also, we would like to extend our big gratitude that all attendees did very well and made fruitful outcomes during the training.   
It was very meaningful time to learn new information and to share experience each other.
Owing to your active participation and considerable cooperation, we could successfully bring off the 2018 ACU e-Learning Expert Training.    
We sincerely hope that our friendship could keep staunchly in the future.
For sharing a video clip, photo and outcomes from CLMV member universities,
I would like to share the link of google drive, ACU portal and Facebook page where all pictures and PPT files etc relevant to this training shall be posted.
◆ Google Drive:
◆ ACU portal:
◆ Facebook :

Thank you for your proactive participation again and look forward to gathering soon.

Chloe(Hyejin) BYEON(Ms.)     
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