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Sharing materials of 10th Steering Committee Meeting and 2018 1st Working Group Meeting(0) Reply0
acus(acukeris) 2018.04.02 05:31

Dear all ACU Project members,

Greetings from ACUS, Korea!
We, ACUS would like to share the relevant materials of the ACU Project 10th Steering Committee Meeting and 2018 1st Working Group Meeting and Workshop, in Vientiane.

For the photos, we are going to upload it as soon as possible via Google Drive as it was last year. So, please keep your eyes on this notification board for the photo update.

For the presentation materials on 21~22 March, the list of the files is as following and please find the attachment above.

ㅇ ACU Workshop (21 March)
   1. [ACUS] e-Learning Preparedness for Higher Education of ASEAN Countries
   2. [ACUS] e-Learning Contents Development Policy and Guidelines
   3. [AUN] Human Right Studies in SEA, ASEAN Common Use Content for ACU Project
ㅇ WGM (21 March)
   4. [Member Universities] 2017 activity report & 2018 Working Plan
       - Institute of Technology of Cambodia(ITC)
       - National Institute of Post, Telecommunications and ICT(NIPTICT)
       - National University of Laos(NUoL)
       - University of Technology(UT)
       - University of Information Technology(UIT)
       - Hanoi University of Science and Technology(HUST)

ㅇ SCM (22 March)
   5. [ACUS] 2017 Activity Report & 2018 Working Plan
   6. [ACUS] Agenda for the ACU Project 10th Steering Committee Meeting

If there are any files to be replaced or to be non-shared, please let Ms. Hyojae Choi( know.

We always appreciate your cooperation.

ACU Project Secretariat
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