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During June and October of 2009, the Secretary-General of the ASEAN proposed that the Republic of Korea(ROK) established a global cyber university at the 2009 ASEAN-ROK Commemorative Summit. ROK gave a positive response to the suggestion.

As a follow-up step, ROK officials were invited to the ASEAN Senior Officials Meeting on Education(SOM-ED) in November 2009 in Thailand, to brief the Meeting on the proposed ASEAN-ROK Cyber University. The ROK’s design for the ASEAN-ROK Cyber University Project was reviewed on that occasion.


During the Senior Officials Meeting on ASEAN Cyber University History held in Seoul, ROK in January 2011, the ASEAN Secretariat, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam(CLMV), and ASEAN University Network(AUN) shared the “Master Plan for ASEAN Cyber University History,” initially targeting the CLMV. Infrastructure such as the e-Learning Center and hub center has been built in the initial member institutes.


In March 2012, initial ACU members from Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam and ROK attended the 1st Steering Committee Meeting in Hanoi, Vietnam in order to discuss and resolve agendum for the promotion of the ACU project.


Project proposal was revised to assist in enhancing e-Learning capacity among the CLMV, and also pursue the expansion of cooperation in higher education between ASEAN and the ROK until 2020. Thailand’s Higher Education Committee of the Ministry of Education joined the ACU Project in April 2013.


The University of Computer Studies in Myanmar and the National Institute of Posts, Telecom and ICT in Cambodia joined the ACU Project in 2014.


KERIS was designated as a new Secretariat in the 2nd phase of the ACU Project in January 2016.
Malaysia and Philippines joined the ACU Project.
ROK cooperative universities joined the ACU Project.


ACU-OER service was opened in January.
The 9th Steering committee and Working group meeting held in Phnom Penh, Cambodia in April. Indonesia and Brunei joined the ACU Project.


ASEAN Advisory Committee for the ACU Project(AACA) was organized and had a 1st meeting in September.
ACU-OER LMS(Learning Management System) have been constructed newly.


11TH ACU Steering Committee Meeting was hold in Yangon, Myanmar.
2019 ACU e-Learning Expert Training was hold in ROK.